Katsuyuki Shimamoto shihan

Katsuyuki Shimamoto shihan (°1937 ) is an influential aikido teacher and head priest of the Shosenji temple and dojocho of Shosenji dojo, located in the Toyanaka district of Osaka, Japan[1].

Between 1950 and 1956 he practised Okinawan style Shitoryu karate and obtained a 2nd dan. In 1956 he started practicing aikido at Komazawa University. There he helped found the university aikido club and met his teachers, Suzuki Kakuzen and Kisaburo Osawa. In that same period he attended classes at the aikido Headquarters in Tokyo, including those taught by Morihei Ueshiba, better known as Osensei.

From 1995 he travels abroad and in 2000 he founds Shoryukai, the international offshoot of Shosenji dojo. Today, he has affiliated dojo’s in Belgium, Germany, Israel ,Poland, the Netherlands and Australia. He has also extensively taught in Canada and Singapore.

On the 1st of Januari 2010 he was awarded the rank of 8th dan by Moriteru Ueshiba.

[1]Anna Sanner, Dance with Heaven & Earth: Life Lessons from Zen & Aikido (Authorhouse, 2012).

To welcome somebody is not simply to sit at home and wait.
When you expect a guest, you gently sprinkle water in the entrance hall and get ready to greet him at the gate, or even pick him up at the station.
You should not be taken aback when somebody visits. You should be well prepared for the occasion and give your guest an appropriate welcome.
This is the same when practicing a technique in aikido. Think of your partner as a guest, and his attack as a visit. Always maintain mind and posture prepared to welcome your partner -be prepared to welcome anything that might happen to you.

from Anna Sanner’s Book ‘Dance with Heaven and Earth’ and Shihan’s teachings on the tatami.

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