Bio Niels

Niels De Nutte 

Niels De Nutte began practicing aikido in 2004 under the tutelage of the late Albert Merckx Sensei, Jan Vanrompay Sensei and Steven Beddegenoodts Sensei. Since 2005, he has been joining other members of the Musha Shugyo Dojo in attending seminars abroad taught by Shimamoto Shihan. Most noticeably, Niels has practiced intensely at Toyonaka Dojo for two months in 2014, a period which continues to foster his joy for aikido to this day.

He has been a youth instructor at Musha Shugyo Dojo since 2007 and part of the teaching staff of the Vlaamse Trainersschool (Flanders school for sports trainers) since 2021.

Niels currently holds a 3rd dan in aikido.

Namens alle leden van de ASB met trots: Jan en Robin behaalden hun 5de Dan van Hombu Dojo te Tokyo, Japan